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1 or 2 persons
Since 07:00 up to 19:00 -  $ 35
Since 19:00 up to 07:00 - $ 45

Main places of the old town.
Since  10:00 up to 17:00
1 person - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each additional Person + $ 10

Private Transportation: $ 20 ( Guapulo, Panecillo, La Basílica)

Complete tour to the Middle of The World
Including Pululahua Volcano and Intiñan.
Since  10:00 up to 17:00
1 person  - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each person more + $ 10 (each one)

Private Transportation: $ 25 One Way - $ 45 Round Trip
If you don’t want private transportation, tour starts at 09:00

Suggested tours: Otavalo, Saquisili, Cotopaxi National Park, Papallacta, Mindo.
1 person: $ 60
2 persons $ 80
Pear each aditional person + $ 10 each one

* Ask fares for private transportation.

2 Persons $ 100
Per each additional person + $ 20

2 Person $ 120
Per each additional person + $ 20

Fares don’t include meals, transport and lodge if is required.

·         If you required private transportation outside Quito, we will send you the fares according the places that you want to visit.

Other services that I can get for you 

Proffesional terapeutic masseur, dentis, plastic surgeon.
Healing tour to Baños de Agua Santa.

Please contact to 

Travel Agent & Tour Guide
canela_travel@yahoo.es  canelatravelsur@yahoo.es 
Skype: paiscanela
Phone: (593) 2 604 2845
Mobile: 0986588404 / 0998 423 402 / 099 688 4800
Quito - Ecuador

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Mi sono messa in contatto con una agenzia “ Canela Travel”  tramite internet e ho parlato con Franzisco Guayasamin  e mi sono messa d’accordo per girare un po’ quito e dintorni per quattro giorni………

La partenza arriva, il volo lungo, l’arrivo a Quito….in aereoporto mi aspettava Patrizia e Geoffry, Patrizia sorella di una ecuadoriana che ho conosciuto a gubbio, Mariza..  sono stati molto gentili con me…….l’incontro con l’agenzia “Canela Travel” è stata la prima bellezza e la meravigliosa accoglienza sud americana…….. la seconda aver conosciuto, tramite FranziscoGuayasamin,  

Gloria un’amica che mi ha appoggiato e si è unita a me a girare un po’ l’Ecuador….. mi ha ospitato a casa sua e di sua sorella per tutto il tempo che sono stata a Quito……. Che dire del popolo ecuadoriano un connubio di spontaneità e dolcezza e cortesia…….. 

“Canela travel” un ‘agenzia da contattare se si vuol avere una visione vera e reale dell’ Ecuador…. Di certo rispettando le tradizioni e la cultura del luogo, Franzisco Guayasamin ha organizzato la visita di Quito e dintorni in maniera esemplare e veramente alternativa alle classiche visite turistiche…..

Grazie “País Canela Travel”, grazie Franzisco di avermi fatto innamorare dell’Ecuador e di avermi lasciato addosso la voglia di tornare ancora………
Non posso raccontare tutto…… ricordo la passeggiata sul volcan di Quito, indimenticabile…. Il vento…….il paesaggio……il cibo cucinato in cima alla montagna…….i lama…….le foto……..e le risate……

Una delle bellezze che l’agenzia mi ha donato è vivere a contatto con il popolo, sentire i profumi, sapori inimmaginabili, sorrisi e occhi che non si incontrano tutti i giorni……… le tortillas indimenticabili, e indimenticabili sono gli occhi della bambina che aiutava la mamma a cucinare, l’unico tavolino, grandi pentole, caffè con cannella con cioccolata e bevanda tipica gustosissima…………..

Il viaggio in Euador, un esperienza indimenticabile, grazie all’inizio felice e fortunato di aver conosciuto e incontrato “Canela Travel” il suo titolare, Franzisco Guayasamin, grande cultore di anime e relazioni aperte e vere. 


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Francisco Guayasamin traveled around Ecuador with me for most of my three week trip
in April and May.

I highly recommend him for anyone considering a trip to Ecuador. Gracious, funny, well organized, Francisco also speaks very good English and is an Ecuadorian historian in his own right. Other tour guides asked him questions and wanted to follow us around on one tour of indigenous tribes. From the moment he met me at the airport, I felt like a V.I.P. Best of all, we are now friends and I have someone to look forward to spending more time with when I move to Ecuador.

The best tour guide I`ve ever had, if you don`t use Francisco it will be your loss


lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014


  • You know you have a fantastic tour guide when other tour guides look to him or her for information. This happened when I toured Ecuador with Francisco Guayasamin. At one museum, a tour guide for an American listened to Francisco as he described to me the history of an Indigenous tribe. The guide started asking Francisco questions about the tribe and asked us if he and his client could tag along with us. Now that's impressive!    
  • From the moment I arrived in the airport, I was treated like a VIP. Francisco's knowledge of Ecuador as as immense as his graciousness. I emailed him with the things I wanted to do and he created the perfect itinerary. I cannot imagine touring Ecuador without him.
  • I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who wants to visit this beautiful country to contact Francisco. What a difference it made for my magical tour of Ecuador!
  • Nelson Sears

miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014


  • Ecuador Gay Tour Guide is one of the highlights of our international travels.
    We told them what we wanted and they exceeded our expectations.

    We were met at the Quito airport when we landed and were treated to the Ecuador only experienced by locals which is what we wanted. Every detail was attended to.

    No tour guide book or other company has matched the service we received by them.

viernes, 17 de enero de 2014


During my first trip to Ecuador I decided to contract a personal tour guide, Francisco Guayasamin. My experience was amazing and he took me to different cities and showed me the real Ecuador. I ate the custom plates, visited local markets within the cities. Francisco educated me about ecuador's historic places in a unique way. I felt really comfortable and lucky to have him as my personal tour guide. Francisco is a down to earth guy and he looked out for me at all times and through many circumstance through out the tour. He will get you the best hotels, with breakfast included, and eatery places. Francisco's honesty and the way he organized the tour, made my trip to Ecuador beautiful and relaxing. Guess what!! I will be visiting Ecuador next year with some friends.


sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013


Francisco Guayasamin worked with me as my guide during my recent 16 day visit to Ecuador (November 2013). Before arriving in Ecuador Francisco was in contact with me via email to carefully organise and discuss my itinerary. Francisco was there on my arrival into Quito airport and came to the airport on my departure.

Francisco has an incredible knowledge of his country and is very sympathetic to the different cultures of Ecuador. He worked really hard arranging things for me, making sure that we stayed in exactly the right hotels for my budget (I was particularly impressed with his choice of hotel in Quito). We journeyed from Mishahualli in the Amazon to Alausi in the highlands of Ecuador. Ecuador is a beautiful, colourful and fascinating country with wonderful, friendly people, and there were so many interesting places that Francisco showed me, well worth the 16 days I set aside for the trip.

I will definitely ask Francisco to work with me on my next visit to Ecuador. Francisco is an intelligent and knowledgable guide, but most of all he's a great companion to travel with, whom I now consider my friend.

miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013


I recently visited Ecuador and had occasion to use the professional services of Francisco Guayasamin as my guide.

A combination of circumstances caused my visit to be quite challenging in both medical and bureaucratic terms so I needed enormously more from a guide than the informed narration of walking tours or bartering services at the local market stalls. I needed someone who knew how to actually get me in to see a competent physician on limited notice and someone who knew where to go and what to do on the Ecuadorian side when a passport has gone missing.

miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013


We offer you a personalized service making you the transfer
from the Mariscal Sucre Airport in Tababela to your hotel in Quito or
from Quito to the airport.

1 or 2 persons;
Since: 07:00 up to 19:00 $ 35
Since 19:00 up to 07:00 $ 45 
We have special fares according the number of passangers.
Please tell us the the time or your arrival , and we will be there.
Phones: (593) 2 604 2845
Mobile: 0986 588 404
Skype: paiscanela

domingo, 14 de julio de 2013


Francisco Guayasamin  was our guide while in Ecuador. Yes, he knew his the culture and politics very well with various options for travel and lodging. He gave Alex and me a plethera of activities to experience while in Ecuador.

He is a marvelous guide. He knows a lot about tourism but he is quite knowledgeable about becoming a citizen and getting a bank account. What is happening is lawyers are hiking their prices on wealthy EXPATS and expats who have property are taking advantage of expats who are moving their as they are pushing cost up. He has assisted many gay expats and they continue to go to him for things they don't understand. He refers to the expats as his children.

I like Alausi which is a small town in the highlands. I love Cuenca, which is in the highlands (about 8,200 ft. above sea level) offers more activity and gay community.
I went to their Gay Pride Celebration while there.

He more than met my expectations. He had an agenda to follow BUT he was flexible as we made changes in some areas which I don't regret. We were together night and day for 15 days. He is more like extended family. (He introduced a handsome professional man to me and we hit it off.)
Ecuadorians are kind, loving, and accommodating people.

I like the people that Francisco introduced to me. They are all professional and friendly.

Thank you for the experiences you gave me, oh!!! and the handsome cyclist, unforgettable.

Glenn Owen


Dear Francisco,

We continue to travel but Ecuador still falls at the top of our list of places we have loved.

The one thing I could not find in other travel agencies was the great agenda/itinerary that you created for us. It had each days activities and prices for activities. That was one of the things we enjoyed most about your services, your knowledge to plan activities and estimate the cost without any hidden surprises. You honored everything you said you would and that is valuable in building trust.

Thanks again!


lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013


I would like to comment on my tour guide Francisco Guayasamin.

I asked Francisco to show me around Quito for several days. He took me up to volcanoes on a lift, what an experience to look down below on Quito at such a height, the view was like looking through the eyes of the condor. The crater was interesting, farms all organic, two ways in and out, and active as a volcano. A home for five thousand years of the  "real" Ecuadorians.  (Indigenous people)

We spent time in the colonial part of Quito during the day and in the evening. Quito can be a very lively place at night. We had some good eats and the best hot chocolate.
You must try it, not the hot chocolate that we have in the states.

Francisco took me to the navel of the earth and to the most fantastic museum, a must to see! We also visited others. We were there on Mother’s Day and were treated to a variety of music from various groups.

When you go to Ecuador I strongly suggest that you look up Francisco Guayasamin to show you around to absorb flavors of an Inca city.

If you want to see more only ask and he will do as much as he can to see that you have a good time.


miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Traveling with Francisco Guayasamin instantly makes you a local

I had the pleasure of engaging Francisco Guayasamin as my guide during my trip to Ecuador.

He made everything so easy from our first discussions planning the itinerary to the last day we were there. Francisco has a deep, thorough knowledge of the country and has many contacts in different cities that made the travel experience unique.
When I travel to different places around the world, one of my goals is to experience the country as a local does. Traveling with Francisco Guayasamin  instantly makes you a local and you get a chance to really experience the culture.

Through his network of contacts and his knowledge of  hotels, inter country transportation, restaurants, leisure activities, points of interest, etc Francisco will be able to guide you to an individually tailored vacation experience based on what you want to do.

The highlight of my trip was the two days we spend in Ba
ños doing some of the extreme sports activities.

I would not hesitate to recommend Francisco Guayasamin  as a guide.
You will not be disappointed.

John Sullivan
Dallas, Texas USA


"My daughter and I were on a Tour and chose Francisco Guayasamin at random from a listing in a popular Tour Guide (could have been Lonely Planet or something similar).

We were not disappointed, as Francisco showed up on time and proved to be a most interesting, educated, and personable guide of major sights in Ecuador. He even selected a great (non-tourist) restaurant for lunch and made sure we returned to our hotel in time to depart with our tour. He is a gentleman and a scholar: heartily recommended as a tour guide."
Categoría de servicio: tour guide
Año de primera contratación: 2006
Sus mejores cualidades: Grandes resultados, Experto, Gran integridad
Elizabeth Korosec

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013


 I want to thank my very kind guide Francisco Guayasmin. He not only got me around to some wonderful places I had no idea existed, he was a shoulder to lean on when my feet hurt too much, a grocery shopper and nurse when I ummm well ate the wrong things.
If you are going to ...Ecuador work with Francisco Guayasamin, (friend him at Ecuador Gay Tour Guide) to plan any kind of trip you wish to take, highlands or Galapagos Islands or the Amazon he will get you there.
Second the staff at the hotel was wonderful, my lousy Spanish skills made it hard to share but they were there when I needed help and this is one nice place for 42 dollars a night. 
And finally, Ecuador thanks for letting me visit and see some amazing places, great talent, good art, wonderful smiles, good food and a wonderful example of a working
Democracy dealing with the challenges of providing services to the people and participating in the global community. I hope to go back so now it is time to figure out how to get these feet to cooperate with my ambitions.

jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012


I can vouch for "Francisco Guayasamin "as a truly excellent guide to Ecuador - in our case, to Quito and its surroundings. We had planned to hire him for only one day, but he was SO knowledgeable and friendly that we booked additional days with him.
(BTW, we are not part of the gay community, but are very supportive!)

martes, 26 de junio de 2012


"Francisco Guayasamin was my tour guide off and on for three weeks.

When you hire this man you get much more than a guide.
He is a real traveling companion and quickly becomes your friend as well as guide.
He is easy to work with, a real gentleman and very polite.

Francisco Guayasamin  knows a lot about traveling almost everywhere in Ecuador.
We covered the Central Highlands (Andes) from Quito to Loja.

He is excellent at making travel arrangement and great at recommending accommodations, restaurants and entertainment.

He was always there to help me pick the best options for my budget and style of comfort.
You can't go wrong if you pick Francisco Guayasamin, Ecuador's premium gay tour guide."

           Tolo Perry   

martes, 19 de junio de 2012

"Francisco Guayasamin" was able to show me the real Ecuador

"I am so happy that I found "Francisco Guayasamin" on the internet and hired him as my guide to Ecuador! Not only is he a very personable and friendly guy, he is extremely knowledgeable about his country and very enthusiastic about sharing it with people. His input in developing an itinerary was very helpful; and his ability to be flexible with that itinerary and make last minute changes as we went along was vital to our trip's success. He is able to accommodate a variety of special interests, including glbt and nudist activities which were aspects of Ecuador life that I wanted to explore.
"Francisco Guayasamin" was able to show me the real Ecuador.
Thanks to Francisco, my trip was very informative and productive, and helped me to develop an intelligent impression of the country based on actual observation and experience as opposed to internet hype. I would not have accomplished nearly as much on my trip had I not had Francisco with me.

If you are planning a trip to Ecuador, I highly recommend you have Francisco show it to you.
He is worth every penny!"

jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012


"Gracias Francisco Guayasamin por un viaje fantastico y entra;able  por Ecuador
en  en la grata compañia de
Ecuador Gay Tour Guide y la verdad es que nos
lo pasamos muy bien y se recomienda esta manera de ver Ecuador.."

Fue un viaje inolvidable.

Jeffrey J Saez & Antonio Burgos

domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012


A Great Trip To Ecuador

    Recently (April/May 2012), my brother and I took a vacation to Ecuador.  Neither of us had been there before and our goal was to see the exciting and beautiful sites of Ecuador, but also to become familiar with the different peoples and customs of Ecuador and to observe their everyday lives and routines as they went about their daily activities.  We wanted to see how it would be to live in Ecuador as a resident of the country.

    While planning the trip, my brother happened across the website of Francisco Guayasamin, a professional tour guide in Quito, Ecuador.  He emailed the site and found Francisco to be very friendly.  After several discussions, we decided that a guide would be very helpful if we were to experience as much as we would like during the 2 weeks that we had for our trip.  After email discussions with Francisco to express what we wanted to do on our trip, he submitted a proposal for a trip itinerary, which we discussed and modified several times until we finally developed the actual trip itinerary.

    We arrived at the Quito airport around 9:30 pm.  Francisco met us at the airport and accompanied us to our hotel which he had arranged for us.  Our Spanish is very minimal, and from the time we hailed a taxi to take us to the airport, Francisco, who speaks English quite well, was our interpreter.  That skill was extremely valuable to us during the entire trip.  It also gave us the opportunity to practice our limited Spanish speaking abilities while being secure that Francisco would keep us out of trouble if we said something wrong, which I did frequently.  Of course, we understood even less than we spoke, so Francisco’s help with language was a major benefit to having him as our guide. 

    From the day we arrived, Francisco was with us every day.  He had made arrangements for activities, accommodations, and travel needs.  We followed our itinerary, but also made small adjustments as we felt like doing so.  We traveled from Quito through the high country to Banos, Alausi, and Cuenca, including smaller towns in between.  We took some back roads which offered many interesting sites including volcanic lava flows, absolutely beautiful scenery of the Andes mountains, waterfalls, and rivers, as well as views of the rural life of farmers and residents outside the cities.  We also traveled on nice newer highways, through the valleys, and in the clouds.  The roads are sometimes rough, but always winding.  I was glad that Francisco had arranged for a driver and vehicle for us so we did not have to drive.  Having the driver allowed us to concentrate on seeing the sites, and our luggage was secure while we traveled from hotel to hotel.  The driver was also very friendly and we enjoyed the company as we rolled down the road.  We asked every question that came to mind, and Francisco answered them all.  We found him to be very knowledgeable about any aspect of his country.  We discussed the many indigenous peoples of Ecuador, the history from the time the Spaniards arrived in the 1500’s, the current government, and the many influences of the Catholic Church, and of course toured many beautiful cathedrals built under the guidance of the Church and architects brought from Europe.  Francisco knows all regions of the country and can educate you about them all.  We did not visit the Amazon region because of time constraints, but did get a very good tour of the highlands and coastal regions.   

    After leaving Cuenca, we drove to Guayaquil, and then up the coast the Puerto Lopez and towns in-between.  We passed banana plantation, coffee plantations, cocoa plantations, and of course saw beautiful beaches.  We stopped anywhere along the way we chose, and enjoyed the flexibility we had by having a dedicated driver and vehicle. A day on the beach at Puerto Lopez was relaxing and beautiful.  We toured other towns along the beach after leaving Puerto Lopez and enjoyed the sites and activities in each.  Even with various changes my brother and I made to the itinerary, Francisco altered hotel arrangements as needed and kept us on schedule to be back in Quito the day before we returned to the U.S.A.  We relaxed the last day in Quito, visited some craft shops that Francisco told us about in Quito, had a leisurely meal at a very modern shopping mall in Quito, and visited the botanical gardens.

    Our trip to Ecuador accomplished everything we expected and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  Francisco was very instrumental in making our trip successful. He is honest, friendly, extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of Ecuador, and fun to travel with.  I highly recommend him as a guide if you are taking a trip to Ecuador.  He is very flexible and will spend as much time with you as  you want, from 1 day to your entire trip if you desire.  You may contact him through his website.  He is NOT a high pressure salesman and he will respond to your email in a friendly and courteous manner.

    I hope you have a nice vacation to Ecuador.

Rick Bettes
Texas, U.S.A. 

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012


My friends,

you have to go to this website. the Meet this wonderful,honest, travel guide, (one on one), real estate prefessional, and great easy going person to spend time in the Equador Americans don't know aboout.

I can tell you personally that our idea of Equador is jaded. So--His site is:
His name is Francisco Guayasamin, and emal: canelatravelsur@yahoo.es

Plan an awesome and inexpensive time just 3 and 1/2 hrs south of Miami. Culture, history, and Fun.
Thomas David Rosenberger

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Ecuador Gay Tour Guide


I want to thank you again.
You are the best tour guide ever.
I am telling everybody about your professional and courteous service and your affordable rates.
See you in the future.

Don Martin

lunes, 23 de enero de 2012


Thank you Francisco for showing me some great local eating spots in Quito. It was nice to get a break from the usual tourist food and your knowledge of where to look would make a traveling chef like Anthony Bourdain proud.
                                                                       Kali Kucera

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011


My name is Francisco Guayasamin.  I am a travel agent and tour guide out of Quito, Ecuador.  Although I’m based in Quito, I travel the entire country, including the Galapagos, the beaches, the Amazon, Guayaquil, and Cuenca, which is a very popular retirement community for English speakers (although the gay community there is only just beginning).

No matter what you want to do, I can probably find it for you and set you up with an attractive package.  I’ve lived in Ecuador all my life so I can find those special spots in which you can live, retire, and travel that will give you a real taste of Ecuador.  We’ll see all the tourist spots that you want and we’ll also see the small mom and pop run stores and restaurants that abound throughout Ecuador.  You’ll be surprised at the quality and the low prices that they have.  I can even bring you to English and German language church services.

Whether you’re here for a few days or want to retire here, I can help.  I will meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel or hostel and be with you as long as you need me.  I’ve helped many foreigners buy houses and condos, get medical attention, and find good deals at the local markets for things that range from beds to computers.  I can help you find a post office, an English speaking lawyer or doctor, help you get insurance, and even help you get signed  up for Ecuadorian social security. 

I can help you get your cedula (Ecuadorian ID card) and censo (foreigner’s ID card), and also know a good lawyer  who work with both immigration to help you get your visa, and real estate issues, if you’re looking at buying a house, a condo, a business or land.

I speak Spanish and English.  I am willing and able to travel with you or just set up an itinerary for you.  Please visit my website, http://guayasamin.tripod.com  or send me an email at  canelatravelsur@yahoo.es , youc an find me in Skipe also as: paiscanela.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon
Ecuador Gay Tours
Phone (593) 86-588-404
Skipe: paiscanela
Quito - Ecuador

Recommendation "Ecuador Gay Tour Guide"

My name is Al Walles.  I am an American living in Quito, Ecuador.  I have known Francisco Guayasamin for just over a year now.
Francisco Guayasamin  has helped me find an apartment, has given me tours of Quito and the Mitad del Mundo (The Middle of the World park at the Equator), and has helped me many times with medical problems that I have had.  He has accompanied me to doctors, translated for me and even helped me at home when I was laid up with a broken leg.

I have talked with many people who have used him for a tour guide and everyone I have talked with seemed to be very happy with him.  I also know one man who bought a condo down here with Francisco’s help.  Francisco assisted him in finding the condo and getting him together with an attorney and even ran some papers around to get them certified for the lawyer.

I would recommend Francisco to anyone who comes to Ecuador as a tour guide and as a helper with moving here and setting up you life as a retiree.
Al Wallesawalles@msn.com

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Are you coming to Ecuador?


My name if Francisco, and I am a native of Quito, Ecuador.
For more than 20 years, I have been assisting visitors and new residents to Ecuador in their needs for both visiting and settling in our beautiful country.

My expertise is extremely wide-ranging, including my extensive knowledge of the history, culture, and heritage of my country, but also my ability to guide you in real estate and investment matters.

My services range from simple escorted tours of
the country to working with you in locating both residential and commercial properties for rent or purchase.

I have been of assistance to members of the gay community in showing them places they want to go. Exposing my clients to the gay community and businesses of Ecuador and giving them an understanding of the total ga experience of my country.

I am completely at your disposal for whatever needs you may have from tourism to business and real estate investment. It does not matter if it is a weekend holiday or a month or more in Ecuador, I have the facility and expertise to be of total service for your needs.

Travel Agent & Ecuador Gay Tour Guide
Joaquín Pinto E 4 - 385 y Juan León Mera - Oficina 205
The Pride Center - Sector La Mariscal
Phone: (593-2) 2239-689 ( Monday to Saturday 17:00 up to 20:00)
Quito Ecuador


Porque el guiar es como ver un calidoscopio de imágenes;
fotos de tantos sitios recorridos;
de tantas enseñanzas aprendidas;
de tantas experiencias vividas;
de tantas comidas indescriptibles,
de tantos vestuarios coloridos;
de tantas danzas festivas;
de tanta buena gente y divertida.

Todo el Ecuador no se puede comprimir en un solo viaje:
La diversidad;
Las costumbres;
La cosmovisión
La idiosincrasia;
La historia;
Las comunidades indígenas, montubias;
Las celebraciones Religiosas.

Hay demasiado por visitar, hay mucho todavía por explorar.

La mejor manera de aprender sobre el Ecuador
Es experimentar las diferentes culturas;
Los diferentes ambientes;
Los diferentes lugares;
La mejor manera de experimentar lo que es la Diversidad
Es conocer el Ecuador,
No necesito irme a otro país.
Aunque conozco varios,
Ecuador en cuanto a Diversidad
es sumamente rico y fascinante.
Prácticamente para mí,
la mejor manera de vivir.
Es viajar…

Francisco Guayasamin.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Fantastic Ecuador Guide for Gay Travelers (and Straight Too!)

Not only did I find "Francisco Guayasamin" a great local guide for understanding the behind-the-scenes stories of Quito and Ecuador in general, he proved to be indispensable in helping me fight for and win buying a condo in under three weeks for an incredible price.

I'd recommend Francisco especially for gay travellers, as he is also a local activist for the GLBT community and can help navigate you to prudent choices around the country.

But he is a proven and appreciated guide for people of every background and you will enjoy his company very much.



lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011


Gay Tour Guide in Ecuador

Skipe: paiscanela
Phone: (593) 86-588-404

"Francisco Guayasamin" is a gay english-speaking licensed tour guide with twenty years experience in tourism. He is the founder of  Grupo Pais Canela which offers services, products and events for the gay community in Ecuador.

His tours cover all tastes and budgets for whatever kind of nature, culture or adventure trip in Ecuador. Highly recommended.
Ian Wilcock

martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010


For the finest and most attentive custom travel plans in Ecuador, we are at you complete service. From full customized itinerary planning to individually escorted tours by knowledgeable and competent
guides, we will attend to every requirement of your visit to Ecuador.

Hotel selection, reservations, restaurant reservations, to complete escorted to trips to Galapogos,

Please contact us at canela_travel@yahoo.es and allow us to make your visit to beautiful Ecuador a memory for a lifetime.

Based in Quito, Ecuador, we provide the finest in custom tailored escorted tour arrangements in the country. Let us show you the splendors of this remarkably beautiful country with your own personal bilingual guide. Every guest is treated to fully custom designed introduction to my country. Let us take care of all of the details,  letting you just enjoy the majesty of Ecuador.

We are also a gay-friendly agency, providing custom tours designed especially for
our gay/lesbian/transgendered guests. No matter your age, interests, or desires, we can provide the finest in escorted services.
Please Contact at:

http://guayasamin.tripod.com/ ENGLISH
http://ecuagaytravel.webs.com/ ESPAÑOL

Travel Agent and Tour Guide in Ecuador
Phone (593) 86-588-404
Quito Ecuador